Saturday, August 21, 2010

Execute function after completion of main() function in C using #pragma directive

/*This Program demonstrates the use of #pragma directive.#pragma exit can be used to call a function after main.The function must not returning anything other than void and must not contain any arguments.
  Syntax : #pragma exit function-name [priority]
  Here function-name is the name of a function and priority is optional.
  priority can be from 64 to 255.Do not use priority from 0 to 63 because they are used by C libraries.
  100 is a Default priority
  255 is a lowest priority
  Developed on       :- 28/03/2009
  Developed by       :- Malhar Vora
  Email              :-         
  WebSite            :-
  Development Status :- Completed


void PrintChar1()
   printf("Hello after main1\n");

#pragma exit PrintChar1

void main()

   printf("Hello from Main");


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