Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to share an internet connection using CCProxy

CCProxy is software which can be used to share Internet connection on a network. It is very easy to use.

Steps for main system from which you want to share Internet connection

1) Download CCProxy sotfware from here

2) Create a simple workgroup network of systems.

3) Install CCProxy

4) Start your local area network connection

5) Start CCProxy from Start Menu->All Programs->CCProxy

6) Click on Start button from toolbar.

Steps for systems in which you want to use use shared Internet connection

1) Set proxy address in Internet Explorer

    -> Open Toosl menu

    -> Click on Internet Options

    -> Click on Connections tab

    -> Click on LAN Settings button located at botton

    -> Check use a proxy server for your LAN checkbox given under "Proxy Server" section

    -> Enter IP address of your main system in address box and port no in port box (Default port is 808)

    -> [ Optional ] Click on Advanced button and enter IP and corresponding port no in all boxes.

2) Set proxy address in Mozilla Firefox

    -> Open Toosl menu

    -> Click on Options

    -> Click on Advanced button in toolbar

    -> Click on Network tab

    -> Click on Settings button

    -> Click on Manual proxy configuration option button

    -> Enter IP address of your main system in HTTP proxy box and port no in port box (Default port is 808)

    -> [ Optional ] Check Use this proxy server for all protocols checkbox to apply same IP for all      protocols

You can also create users accounts to allow access only to registered users and monitor bandwidth usage.




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